Paul Yoon


Paul (Yeoung Chin) Yoon was born in Jin-Ju, Korea. He received a Bachelors (BS) degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from Dankook University, Korea. In 2003 he joined Prof. Talke's group at the Center for Magnetic Recording Reserch, University of California-San Diego (UCSD). In 2005 he received a Masters (MS) degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UCSD.

Paul is currently working on his PhD degree. His research had been in the area of nano-hardness testing with ultrasonic excitation. His focus is now on slider dynamics and tribology of the head/disk interface with small form factor disk drives and discrete track (DTR) media. He is also interested in studying the design of low flying heads actuated by a magnetic actuator.

Besides his research and studies, Paul enjoys Tae Kwon Do. He has also worked with the president of the Korean Graduate Student Association at UCSD.