Ralf Brunner


Ralf Brunner holds a Diplom-Ing. Degree (M.Sc) in Technical Physics from the University of Ilmenau, Germany. In 2002 he was working at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin/Germany in the Tribology Group of Prof. Santner. He worked on a project of developing an UHV-Tribometer. It was there that he met Prof. Talke who invited Ralf to work with him in his laboratory at CMRR. Ralf became a research assistant in Prof. Talke's Group in March 2003, and did research on carbon nanotubes for his thesis in Technical Physics. He returned to the Talkelab in 2004 entering the Ph.D. program in mechanical engineering. He received one of the prestigious Jacobs Fellowship Awards. On his way to the Ph.D. he received his M.Sc. in mechanical engineering in summer of 2005. Currently, Ralf is working on fluorinated diamond like carbon (F-DLC) and nano hardness testing of carbon coated hard disks and sliders. During his free time, Ralf likes to play badminton, the guitar and if he is lucky, he catches some waves on his longboard.