About Us

Our mechanics and tribology group started in 1986 when Professor Talke joined CMRR from IBM. We are one of the five groups at the Center for Magnetic Recording Research at University of California, San Diego. The area of research of our lab is the tribology and mechanics of magnetic tape and disk storage devices. A few of our current and past projects are as follows:  

  • Slider dynamics and contact force
  • Mechanical scaling laws for small form factor disk drives
  • Shock test modeling of a hard disk drive using hyper-mesh and ls-dyna
  • Investigation of wear of proximity recording sliders
  • Intermolecular force measurement and simulation
  • Improvements in the pre- and post- processing software for finite element based air bearing simulation
  • Lubrication studies for proximity recording
  • Carbon nano-tube research for patterned media application
  • Tape edge wear
  • Development of tape tension transducer
  • Measurement of cross-track motion of magnetic tapes
  • Lubricant diffusivity on metal evaporated tapes